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Our School

A community that strives to deliver exceptional opportunities to our students through a rich, varied, and challenging educational experience.

Welcome to Goldsboro

A school driven by problem-solving, discovery, and exploratory learning that requires students to actively engage in finding solutions by embracing the 4 C's of STEM: Commuication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity.

Campus Hours

School Office Hours
Administration & Student Services
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Student Hours
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
9:15 AM - 3:45 PM

Student Hours
9:15 AM - 2:45PM

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Goldsboro's History

As we move forward, as is evident from our past, we will continue to grow and eagerly embrace the educational challenges and changes presented by our ever-changing world.

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Stay update to with what is going on with our school.

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Clubs & Competitive Teams

Goldsboro is proud to offer clubs that address the varying interests of our students.

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Magnet Program

Our academic program is designed to meet our students needs and to set high expectations for learning.

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