Goldsboro History

The journey of Goldsboro Elementary Magnet School began in 1916 with the openning of Goldsboro Primary for first to third graders, fondly known as the 'Little Red House'. With the construction of concrete buildings in the mid-1950s and the transfer of 4th, 5th, and 6th grade Crooms' students, the school was officially renamed Goldsboro Elementary. The addition of the first kindergarten classes followed in 1967.

The push for county wide integration in 1970 brought about numerous changes. Sixth graders started attending middle school and a court order paired Goldsboro with Pinecrest Elementary. During this time, primary students attended Pinecrest while intermediate students came to Goldsboro. Rezoning in 1984, merged the students and both schools included kindergarten through fifth grade classes.

A little over ten years later with the mandates of a national consent decree in 1996, Goldsboro Elementary underwent the next major transformation. It ceased being Goldsboro Elementary and emerged as Goldsboro Elementary Magnet School. Along with curriculum and faculty changes, the 'Little Red House' and 1950's building were replaced and this former neighborhood school serviced all of Seminole County.

The completion of campus-wide renovations and the construction of a new intermediate building during 2016 marked the proud 100th year celebration of our school. As we move forward, as is evident from our past, we will continue to grow and eagerly embrace the educational challenges and changes presented by our ever-changing world.

100 Year Celebration - October 2016

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