Name Email Address Phone Department
Dr. Mulholland [email protected] 407.320.5850 Principal
Ms. Froess [email protected] 407.320.5850 Assistant Principal
Ms. Costanza [email protected] 407.320.5805 Administrator
Ms. Flynn [email protected] 407.320.5804 School Counselor
Ms. Figueroa [email protected] 407.320.5887 Secretary
Ms. Higgins [email protected] 407.320.5809 FTE Clerk
Ms. McQueen [email protected] 407.320.5806 Clinic Assistant
Ms. Miller [email protected] 407.320.5855 Bookkeeper
Ms. Collado [email protected] 407.320.5811 Art
Mr. Finkle [email protected] 407.320.5849 STEM Resource - Robotics
Mr. Haupt [email protected] 407.320.5825 PE
Ms. Hess [email protected] 407.320.5818 STEM Resource - Bio Science
Ms. Lutzow [email protected] 407.320.5883 Music
Mr. Velazquez [email protected]
407.320.5825  Paraprofessional - PE
Mr. Walker [email protected]
407.320.5825  Paraprofessional - PE
Mr. Wakelyn [email protected] 407-320-5849 STEM Resource - Space
Ms. Beverly [email protected] 407.320.5808 Kindergarten
Ms. Gelinas [email protected] 407.320.5844 Kindergarten
Ms. Holton [email protected] 407.320.5839 Kindergarten - Team Leader
Ms. Kay [email protected]
407.320.5840 Kindergarten 
Ms. Raphael [email protected]
407.320.5836 Kindergarten
Ms. Smolenyak [email protected] 407.320.5835 Kindergarten
Ms. Waters [email protected]
407.320.5843 Kindergarten
Ms. Whitely [email protected]
407.320.5837 Kindergarten
Ms. Bettinger [email protected] 407.320.5861 First Grade - Team Leader
Ms. Blaney [email protected] 407.320.5848 First Grade
Mr. Bond  [email protected]  407.320.5863  First Grade
Ms. Carpenter [email protected]
407.320.5892 First Grade
Ms. Gibbons [email protected] 407.320.5862 First Grade
Ms. Kersten [email protected] 407.320.5857 First Grade
Ms. Seigler [email protected] 407.320.5858 First Grade
Ms. Wimbish [email protected] 407.320.5860 First Grade
Ms. Amaya [email protected] 407.320.5868 Second Grade
Ms. Ambrosio [email protected] 407.320.5880 Second Grade
Ms. Blake [email protected] 407.320.5845 Second Grade
Mr. Donahue [email protected] 430.320.5846 Second Grade
Ms. Finkle [email protected] 407.320.5847 Second Grade
Ms. Hayworth [email protected] 407.320.5870 Second Grade
Ms. Hope [email protected] 407.320.5869 Second Grade
Ms. Turner [email protected] 407.320.5871 Second Grade - Team Leader
Ms. Archie [email protected] 407.320.5872 Third Grade - Team Leader
Ms. Bauman              [email protected] 407.320.5874 Third Grade
Ms. Branting  [email protected]   407.320.5879  Third Grade 
Ms. Castellanos  [email protected] 407.320.5877  Third Grade 
Ms. Soutter [email protected] 407.320.5876 Third Grade
Ms. Speck  [email protected] 407.320.5873  Third Grade 
Ms. Walston [email protected] 407-320-5878 Third Grade
Ms. Warman [email protected] 407.320.5875 Third Grade
Mr. Barnard [email protected] 407.320.6716 Fourth Grade
Ms. Bello [email protected]  407.320.6703 Fourth Grade
Ms. Copeland [email protected]
407.320.6701 Fourth Grade
Ms. Humes [email protected] 407.320.6702 Fourth Grade - Team Leader
Ms. Richey [email protected] 
407.320.6700 Fourth Grade
Ms. Thomson [email protected]
407.320.6704 Fourth Grade
Mr. Yost [email protected] 407.320.6706 Fourth Grade
Ms. Bell-Thompson [email protected] 407.320.6711 Fifth Grade
Ms. Berte [email protected]
407.320.6714 Fifth Grade
Ms. Christiansen [email protected] 407.320.6713 Fifth Grade - Team Leader
Ms. Klucar [email protected]
407.320.5828 Fifth Grade
Ms. McFarland [email protected] 407.320.6712 Fifth Grade
Ms. Rauch [email protected] 407-320-6705 Fifth Grade
Ms. Segal [email protected] 407-320-6715 Fifth Grade
Ms. Jones [email protected] 407.320.5838 PreK
Ms. DeJesus [email protected] 407.320.5833 PreK ESE
Ms. Espinal [email protected]
407.320.5826 PreK
Ms. Benninghove [email protected] 407.320.5893 ESE Teacher
Ms. Burgress [email protected] 407.320.5886 ESE Teacher
Ms. Delgado-Acevedo [email protected] 407-320-6710 ESOL Teacher
Ms. Garcia [email protected] 407.320.6721 Speech/Language
Ms. Kinard [email protected] 407.320.5864 Teacher of the Gifted
Ms. Mulero-Montero [email protected] 407.320.5854 ESOL Teacher
Ms. Nolting [email protected] 407.320.5841 Math Coach
Ms. Prather [email protected] 407.320.5819 Literacy Coach
Ms. Athiraman [email protected]. us 407.320.5831 Paraprofessional - Behavioral Unit
Ms. Becknell
[email protected] 407.320.5829  ESE Teacher - Academic Unit
Ms. Duddles [email protected] 407-320-5831 ESE Teacher - Behavioral Unit
Ms. Holland
[email protected]
Paraprofessional - Academic Unit
Ms. Inge [email protected] 407.320.5814 Paraprofessional
Ms. German [email protected]
407.320.5821 Paraprofessional
Ms. McClory [email protected] 407.320.5816 Paraprofessional - Media
Mrs. Chittenden [email protected] 407.320.5852 Dining Services Manager
Ms. Hussain [email protected] 407.320.5852 Dining Services Assistant Manager
Mrs. Thomas [email protected] 407.320.5832 Head Custodian
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